Residential Building Consultants

Residential Building Inspection Services

After being in the residential consulting business for over fifteen years, we have seen a number of reoccurring issues with various buildings and homes. Our experience and extensive training of have allowed us to learn all of the different signs and slight nuances in a house that pinpoint problem areas – nothing gets past us. We have noticed there are many property buyers that purchase homes without hiring a residential building inspector, in fact an alarming number of people are not exactly sure what a building consultant.

We have outlined some key areas and roles of a consultant and what so people interested in buying or selling a property have a better understanding of the importance an inspection plays.

What is a residential building consultant?

A residential building consultant is, in a nutshell, a licensed home inspector. We are highly trained and professional individuals who are acutely familiar with all of the various wiring regulations, safety features, and laws that need to be followed within a home. Additionally, we are very familiar with the signs of damage, leaks, and poor craftsmanship within a home.

When a residential building consultant is hired to inspect a home, they go out, take on various roles to perform a full inspection, then provide a detailed analysis and report for the homeowner along with various steps and suggestions that should be followed to resolve the highlighted issues.

Residential Building Consultant Roles

Property Building and Pest Inspections

A building consultant takes on many roles when inspecting a property which is why we are so highly experienced and trained. While we are not certified and licensed to repair any issues that are found, we do have extensive knowledge about the following fields that helps us in diagnosing various problems that we find:

We have experienced inspectors who have experience in the following.

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Architects
  • Roofing Services

Typical Inspections are categorized under the following:

  • Building Stage Inspection
  • Standard Building Inspection
  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Building and Pest Inspection
  • Pest inspection

Why hire a residential building consultant

Hiring a home inspector is something that should be done not only before purchasing a property, but also when there are discrepancies between insurances, or if the property in question is involved in any litigation proceedings. A licensed building inspection consultant can pinpoint a number of problems and also reveal how the damage was caused. We are insured and licensed meaning that we have to go through rigorous testing and training to become a licensed inspector.

Additionally we test and analyze a number of things about the property including:

  • All attics and crawl spaces
  • Various heating and cooling equipment
  • All windows and doors
  • Walls to check for damage or leakage
  • Electric panels for unsafe wiring
  • Rooftops
  • Basements and foundations

Protect Your Investment

A building consultant can easily save a potential homeowner thousands upon thousands of dollars in various repairs and fixes that could easily have been avoided. Too many times do potential buyers rush into purchasing a property because it looks like a good deal, only to find out that beneath the shiny new paint is a nest of problems.

As residential building consultants and inspection experts, we understand that the importance of delivering accurate finding in our reports. We can easily pinpoint any concerns with your property so you understand the condition of the structure and surrounding areas.