Commercial & Industrial Building Consultants

Commercial Building Consultants
When you decide to invest in a commercial building it is very important that you know the condition of the building and whether or not it complies with current building regulations. This is when you should hire a professional building consultant. A commercial building consultant can save you on your capital investement. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing a property that is already built or if you are building from new from scratch. A commercial building consultant is a licensed building inspector and is able to give you information about the structure of your commercial property and whether it complies with building code regulations.

What Does A Commercial Consultant Do?

A building consultant will inspect your commercial building from top to bottom. We perform a visual inspection of your building which includes all electrical and plumbing. If we find something that could cause any kind of structural issue, It will all be outlined in a detailed report.You can then look to fixing the problem or decide against proceeding with a purchase.

Types of inspections

Depending on what you need to know about the property there are a few different types of commercial inspections that can be performed.

General Building Inspection

This is when an inspector will check the structural condition of the building, as well as the electrical and plumbing structures.

A Detailed Plumbing and Energy Report

This focuses more on electrical and water consumption and may include a recommendation of ways to eliminate any excess usage and increase efficiency.

Thermal Testing

This is used to detect any moisture in the building, any problems with the electrical system, as well as damaged insulation.

Pest Inspections

Your consultant will check to see if there are any pests including termites and inform you of their findings.

Commercial Building Inspections

How can hiring a commercial inspector save you money?

The fact is that when you are buying a commercial property it is all about making a smart decision. You need to know the condition of the property before outlaying any capital. Here are just a few ways that hiring a building consultant can save you money.

  • A building consultant will advise what condition the property is in and if it complies with building regulations. Without this valuable information you could be walking into a financial hazard.
  • When you know the condition of the building, you will be able to use this information if you decide to purchase it. This information could help with negotiations.
  • Knowing the condition of your building will help you to plan and budget for future expenses. You are much better off knowing you will need a roof in a year than finding out when it starts leaking.


Before thinking about a purchase or during construction always contact a reliable and licensed commercial building consultant. If you purchase a commercial building without it first being inspected, you could be wasting your money on a building that will cost more to repair than it is worth.

The team at 44 Building Consultants are trained to identify key problem areas and advise on ways to remedy any issues. Don’t risk your investment without a professional inspection.