Building Consultant Services

44 Building Consultant Services

44 Building Consultants have a network of experts located in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. We have over 15 years experience specialising in a range of professional services related to the building inspections, surveying, management and construction in commercial and residential property.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service at all times, and are able to provide a bespoke service so that your business gets the best results. Our company can be hired at any point during the life cycle of your building project, and are able to provide a service for various property sectors including hotels, offices, retail and high-end developments.

The Role Of A Building Consultant

Building Inspection Services

The role of a good building consultant is to provide services in the following areas:

Building Surveying

we are able to provide a range of tailored building surveys, including during pre-purchase of the property. These reports will enable you to make an informed decision about the best route to take in your circumstances. We also provide vendor’s surveys which can be supplied to funders and purchasers.

Pre Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection could save you thousands of dollars, and will be able to identify any structural problems or other damage to a new commercial or industrial building. Our inspectors are fully licensed, insured, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building construction. We have a wide range of experience in this field, including in hotels, industrial premises, and offices.

Building Stage inspection

We will be able to carry out an inspection that has been designed to monitor the construction process of a new property, and to identify any problems as soon as they occur. We can also ensure that your builder is constructing your project in accordance with current building regulations, approved plans and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Pest Inspection

We are also able to provide a full comprehensive pest inspection, providing you with peace of mind during a project. This inspection will examine a property for a wide range of pests including termites, including both the interior and exterior of the building. Services include pest eradication and prevention to stop pests from spreading disease and doing damage to your property.

Why Choose 44 Building Consultants

There are a number of benefits to enlisting our services. We have the experience and the dedication to provide you with the best possible results, regardless of the size of your project.

  • Project monitoring – We can provide an independent risk assessment at any time during the life cycle of your project, helping you to improving the quality process. We always protect the interests of all our clients, and can provide a bespoke project monitoring service based on the requirements of your business.
  • Repairs and refurbishments – We know how important time is when you need to make a repair or refurbishment to your property. We have a range of partnerships with remedial companies who can perform repairs and refurbishment work. All partners adhere to all safety standards, and can complete a project on-time and on-budget.
  • Insurance – We are also able to carry out full site inspections for various projects, including educational and healthcare buildings, industrial properties, hotels, and offices.
  • We also provide tenants and landlords with advice about a dilapidated property either during the lease or when a lease has expired. This can include the preparation of terminal schedules, lease negotiations and negotiating settlements.

We understand that communication is important when making inspections on any property. That’s why you will be able to have direct contact with your inspector throughout the project. We are committed to excellent customer service, and can provide you with a cost-effective building consultancy service that is tailored to your requirements.