About 44 Building Consultants

44 Building Consultants is an Adelaide born company which now services Sydney and Brisbane. We have a team of local building consultants who are all full trained and qualified to perform a range of building inspections and consulting services. We work on a consulting basis and contract out to large builders and building contractors with the aim of providing accurate and high quality building inspections for both residential homes and commercial and industrial properties. All team members of fully trained inspectors and provide professional reports for all inspections performed.

The core service offerings for 44 Building Consultants include:

  • Construction site consulting
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Building Stage Inspections
  • Building and Pest Inspections
  • Commercial and Industrial Inspections


Mission and Vision Statement


  • To develop our core capabilities around the requirements of customers
  • To friendly customer service and professional advice
  • To work closely with all customers and learn about how we can provide a better service
  • To give unbiased professional advice
  • The empower staff with growth opportunities in training
  • To provide a friendly and professional environment for employees



The vision of 44 Building Consultants is to provide a the best building inspectors on every construction or building related project we are involved with. Our expansion into Sydney and Brisbane has allowed us to network with a wide range of companies and professionals who benefit from our services. We endevour to keep growing our name and plan to start in both Melbourne and Perth by the year 2016. We value our clients and nurture them in every way possible to grow strong relationships that can benefit both parties now and in the future.

About Anson Phillips

44 Building Consultants was formed by Anson Phillips over 15 years ago. Anson Phillips was born and bred in Adelaide and resides in Brisbane. He started his apprenticeship as a roof installer and by the time he was 28 he had my own building inspection company. He know also presides over a remedial services company in Brisbane handling everything from roofing, painting, concrete repairs, refurbishments and infrastructure.